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Behind Bars Results

"I got kinda excited and had to share.  I went shopping yesterday afternoon to look for a nice pants suit and found that over the 7 week Behind Bars Challenge that I went down another pants size and not only found a nice pants suit for work but found a fun dress for some winter gatherings and I went down a dress size, too.  Anyway – I was very excited! It was fun to try on a size I haven’t been able to wear in over 10 or 15 years".  Karen D

It works!

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7 Weeks Results

  • Lost 5.8 lbs and 7.5 inches Kelly L.
  • Lost 8 lb and 6.75 inches: Terry S.
  • Lost 6.6 lbs and 15.5 inches: Ann F.
  • Lost 6 lbs and 4 inches: Beth E.
  • Lost 2 lbs and 18! inches. Kathy G
  • Lost 4-1/2 lbs and 3% bodyfat. Michele T.
  • Lost 6.5 inches: Jill C.
  • Lost 8 lbs: Sarah G.

"I really enjoyed the Bars classes I took. The instructors were engaged and highly motivating, which made me want to push myself even more. I felt an immediate effect from the workout and continued to feel it the next day." Rachel Remley

Behind Bars

Rapid Body TransformationBarslegsGroupSMALL

Sculpt a beautiful body with exercises specifically targeting those trouble spots: thighs, abs, arms and glutes. No more saggy or flat backsides. This class will lift your seat, firm and narrow your thighs, give shape and tone to your upper arms, flatten your abs and help eliminate that "muffin top" or spare tire.

You feel it your first class!

Behind Bars is for most all ages and abilities (despite our photos of young people, we have people of all ages in the classes). You'll need to be able to get up and down off the floor. The class works for people post hip/knee replacement (and no, you don't need to put your foot up on the bar!).

It's not ballet, Pilates or yoga. It's an intense muscle toning class designed to transform and shape your body quickly. You'll use the technique of isometrics to bring radical change to your shape. Using the barre for balance and support, you'll work deeper into your muscles. Your posture will improve, you'll feel better in your body, and your clothes will fit better (or you'll have to buy a new smaller size!)

The challenging toning exercisers are alternated with deep stretches toBars class in Minneapolis help elongate your warm and hard-worked muscles. Your flexibility improves as your body changes shape.

The results to the right are after 7 weeks of Behind Bars classes. 

Behind Bars is ideal for those who don't like traditional "gym" exercise classes such as bouncing cardio or heavy weight lifting. It's perfect for pre/post natal to keep you looking toned during your pregnancy and shapes you up fast after giving birth. You learn to reach those deep abdominal muscles that help flatten your belly.

Those new to exercise love Behind Bars because it's easy to get it on your first class. The learning curve is fast and you feel it right away....keeping you excited and motivated for more. You easily get addicted to the feeling of firm thighs, a flat belly and a lifted seat and you find you hate to miss even one class!lose weight

You feel energized, strong and graceful after class, not exhausted or stiff. We recommend Behind Bars Class a minimum of 3 times a week if you want the best results.

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